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Platform: PS4 and PS5

Platform: Xbox Series and Xbox One

What is The Show 23 stubs?

The show 23 stubs is virtual digital currency for the game MLB 23 The show. The game was released in april of 2023 by San Diego Studio. The stubs can be used for in game purchase of packs and mlb players.

How to shop The Show 23 stubs? has The Show 23 stubs for all platforms: Microsoft Xbox one and Xbox series S,X consoles, Sony Playstation 5 and Playtion 4 consoles. Choose your console, select a package of stubs you need and add to your cart. Pay for the order and we will deliver stubs to you.

How to receive the stubs I bought?

We will give your instructions on how to receive stubs. Basically, we use comfort trade.

When is MLB 23 released?

We do not have exact date as for now, but according to several sources, the expected MLB The Show 23 release date is Tuesday, April 4, 2023. MLB the show 23 is Sony Studios new simulation game for baseball.

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